Local Attractions


Bass & Bay RV Park is centrally located close to many local attractions.

Among them are the following:

Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk has quickly evolved from a waterfront dining experience to a weekend destination. Located just 20 miles from downtown Houston and only 8 miles from Bass & Bay R.V.Park, the Kemah Boardwalk is the perfect family get-away.

Strand Historical District

The Strand Historical District, Galveston's downtown, was named after London's famed Strand and was known in the 19th century as the Wall Street of the Southwest.

Moody Gardens

Water your imagination and travel the oceans of the world at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens.

Space Center Houston

Johnson Space Center is a place where people can experience space -- from its dramatic history and exciting present to its compelling future.

Renowned Houston Medical Center

Houston's Medical Center is culmination of multiple renowned hospitals pioneering and leading in various medical

Gulf Coast Fishing

Whether you go on a professionally guided, deep-sea expedition into the Gulf, or decide to just enjoy a relaxing bait n' cast, Gulf Coast fishing is simply the best!